5 Reasons You Need to Host An Event

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Events enable your business to gain brand awareness and exposure by getting your name out there. People will hear about the event which means they will hear about your business. The more interesting the event, the more your company will be recognised.

It can also be an opportunity to get the media involved by getting a mention in the local newspaper, magazine or radio. Promoting your event in the media will ensure you have been seen, heard and noticed in the community – Don’t forget, you can splash it out all over your own Social Media too!


What’s a better way of promoting your products/services than at an event! Make it fun, eye-catching and engaging. Everyone always loves a freebie or great offers. Or change it up and do some demonstrations of your products or services; and if you can’t do this with your particular products/services, find different, fun ways to promote what you do and draw people in.

Building Relationships

When holding an event, it’s more fun and engaging (rather than a usual day in the office); which allows your existing and potential customers to interact and engage with your business on a more personal level.

It can also be a chance to make a good impression on potential customers and ensure your business is memorable – make sure they don’t forget you!


Events give you the opportunity to increase your network of people; and what’s better than increasing this network than at your own event! Everyone there will be relevant to your business and the industry which will build a stronger and more useful network of people.

Knowing lots of people will come in handy at some point. This is also an opportunity to grow your list of contacts if you have a newsletter or use Social Media – get more followers!

Giving Back

Events can be a nice way to thank your existing customers and supporters for their help and business. Giving away freebies, offers, holding competitions and making it a great event is an easy way to show your gratitude and make your customers and supporters feel appreciated.

Another great idea would be to raise money and awareness for a local charity. You could do something simple like a raffle and ask people to donate items for it. This brings people together and creates a positive image for your company.

Looking for ideas or need support with your event? Send us an email makeithappen@mbsmih.com, we’d love to help.

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