What Do You Do With All Your Business Cards?

You go to all these events; networking, business shows, exhibitions… But what do you do with all the business cards you collect?

Collecting business cards can be great, as long as you do something with them! So here’s a few quick and simple ideas to help you make the most of all those business cards:

Follow ups

Every person you talk to, at every event you go to, is a potential opportunity. Make the most of those opportunities by following up. This could be a simple ‘Lovely to meet you’ email or if it’s a potential lead, you could follow up to arrange meeting again. You may think ‘What’s the point in sending an email to someone who wouldn’t be a lead?’ but it’ll give you the chance to remind the person of who you are and what you do.


At MOMENTUM we do everything virtually, we don’t like to keep unnecessary paperwork. So when we receive business cards we put them all on a spreadsheet and then get rid! This gives us an easy to use database of contacts for following up or keeping in touch via mailshots and newsletters.

Social Media – LinkedIn

Another great way to make use of your collected business cards is to find people to connect with on Social Media, especially LinkedIn. It’s often very hard to remember full names, so why not use the details on their business card to find them or their business? It’s a great way to connect and find out more about your new contacts.

Top Tip!

When you collect a business card from someone, there’s usually a reason, so make sure you always write yourself a note on the business card to remind you who they were and why you collected it. You may think now that you remember who they are, but often, by the time you get back to the office, there were so many people you spoke to you suddenly can’t quite remember!

When you’re busy, these tasks are pushed aside to the ‘not important’ to do list. Why don’t you make it easy for yourself and get someone else to do it? At MOMENTUM we’re always happy to help with any admin tasks including business card databases! Get in contact today by giving us a call on 01903 688789 or emailing us at makeithappen@mbsmih.com – we’d be more than happy to help.

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