Are your notes useless?

If you’re an avid note taker in meetings, courses, seminars or other events, then read on. We’ve pulled together 5 top tips and pointers to help make sure your notes are never useless.

Do you type or write?

A number of studies show handwriting your notes is much more effective than typing them. If you’re able to type fast enough to take down notes verbatim, the likelihood is you’re not taking much of what your typing in. Whereas, hand writing your notes, it’s unlikely you’ll be able to keep up with the speaker/s so you need to engage your brain more to interpret what they’re saying and actually make ‘notes’.

They’re called notes for a reason…

Notes are defined as ‘a brief record of points or ideas written down as an aid to memory’. So bear that in mind when you’re taking them. Try to come up with your own version of short-hand. Anything will do, as long as you understand them when you’re finished!

Keep it organised

Have a specific notebook for all of your note taking and be sure to use a new page for each meeting or event. Clearly mark at the top of the page what the notes relate to, and even include dates and attendees to make it easier to recall additional information in the future.

What are your key actions?

When you make notes, do you have a method for highlighting or making clear key actions that arise from your meetings or courses? Having a discernable code (such as a large asterisk or capital (A) in brackets) for yourself to accentuate any tasks or key takeaway points will make using your notes after the event much easier, and ensure you’re as productive as possible after the meeting.

Where are they now?

It’s great to have your actions highlighted and clearly displayed throughout your notes, but, that relies on you going back through all of your various notes frequently to remember what they are and make them happen! Instead, why not add them to your daily ‘to do’ list, so they’re easily accessible – you can always refer back to your notes if you need more detail about a specific task. Check out our secret here.

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