Why hire a VA over a PA?

Q – What’s the difference between a VA (Virtual Assistant) and a PA (Personal Assistant)?
A – Nothing apart from geography!

You know that you need to outsource all those niggling admin tasks that are taking up your time and stopping you from earning money and growing your business, but you don’t know whether to employ a PA or not. Sound familiar?

Well there is an answer, and that is using a VA. More and more small businesses and freelancers are hiring VA’s as a solution to the limited time they have available.  Hiring a PA takes a lot more time, energy and money than hiring a VA and here’s why: –

  • It takes time to interview and hire the right person who is qualified and matches your personality (as you’ll have to be with them all day).
  • PA’s cost more than their salaries! There’s training, office costs (heating, lighting, equipment etc), overtime. Also take into account comfort and coffee breaks…!
  • What if some days you do not have enough work for them to do?
  • If you hire a temporary PA through an agency, there are agency fees to consider.

The list is endless.

Virtual Assistants reduce your labour costs, we are independent contractors which means we work around your schedule (including outside normal business hours) at the same rate and you only pay for the time spent on your project. We work from home or our own sourced work space and care about our business, it’s our livelihood. We want you to call us and recommend our services to others, so you know you will get the very best service.

Unless you specifically need and can afford a PA then working with a VA will allow  you to be more productive and give your business the MOMENTUM it  needs to move forward without the extra overheads and employment headaches!

If you have any questions about VA’s or PA’s, then please get in touch. We have an amazing team and we love to help!

T: 01903 688789 E: makeithappen@mbsmih.com

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