How to overcome the Facebook News Feed changes

If you have a Facebook page for your business, you may have heard of the Newsfeed changes that have been recently announced by CEO, Mark Zuckerberg.

Facebook plan to display more of users’ friends updates while displaying less content published by brands and business pages.

The whole idea of this change is to bring back the core focus of why Facebook was originally created, to connect and share moments with family and friends all over the world. The re-vamp is being carried out to enable “meaningful interaction” on the platform, encouraging users to interact more with their Friends and less with business pages.

The result of this change may see engagement of posts on your business page decrease, however, we’ve pulled together some things you can do on Facebook to help you stay visible.

Select The ‘See First’ Setting

Engage with your Facebook audience and let them know about the upcoming news feed shift. Let them know that to keep seeing your content, they need to select the ‘See First’ setting for your page in their News Feed preferences

By doing this, your posts will be prioritised and start to appear at the top of your audience’s News Feed. A step-by-step guide on how to do so can be found here


It’s well known that sharing video content on Facebook is great for engagement, but did you know sharing live video is even greater? On average, live videos get 6 times as many interactions as sharing a pre-recorded video would, so if you haven’t already considered implementing live videos into your social media strategy, this is definitely the time to think about doing so.

Share Meaningful Content

Share meaningful content on your page that will encourage conversation with not only you, but also between your followers. Stay on top of the game by sharing trending content in your sector and genuine useful top tips that will benefit your followers.

Get Creative With Your Content

A picture paints a thousand words… Make use of high quality images, gifs and videos in your posts to help encourage clicks, interactions, comments and shares on your page.

Make Time For Interaction

As well as encouraging interaction on your own page, you’ve got to interact with others from your own page too. Make time each week to like, comment and share content that interests or is relevant to you. This will get your page seen by others who are also interacting.

Facebook Advertising

To be sure you’re reaching your desired individual or sector, making use of Facebook advertising is the way to go to get the results that you want. With the news feed shift, it may result in your business page making use of this feature more often. Why not try one of these beneficial types of Facebook Advertising if you haven’t already – there’s something for everyone:

Boosted Posts: Make your post reach go even further. Tailor and target your audience with a specific budget.

Custom Audiences: With this option Facebook can allow you to reach people who have a relationship with your business, whether they are existing customers or people who have interacted with your business on Facebook or other platforms. The different options include:

Customer File: Use a customer file to match your customers with people on Facebook and create an audience from the matches. The data will be hashed prior to upload.

Website Traffic: Create a list of people who have visited your website or took specific actions using Facebook Pixel.

App Activity: Create a list of people who launched your app or game, or took specific actions

Engagement: Create a list of people who engaged with your content on Facebook or Instagram.

At MOMENTUM, we can help your business Facebook profile stay visible and effective with our flexible social media management packages. Get in touch with us to find out more by emailing or call 01903 688789.

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