Our current specialism in Finance is Credit Control. We understand that cashflow and cashflow management are key to the success of your business and our fully trained and experienced team are the perfect ally for you.


We know the key to your business’ success is cashflow, and we also know that ‘doing the work’ can take you away from sending invoices, reminders and requesting payments in a timely manner.

You’ve done the work, now let us help you to ensure your customer payments are made regularly and on time. All of our Finance roles are charged at an hourly rate, with several options to choose from.

Credit Control is more than just calling when an invoice is overdue, it’s building a relationship and speaking to customers regularly to ensure when it comes to pay day, there are no reasons why your invoice is not the first one on their list.

Let us know your payment terms and dates and we’ll ensure your invoices are raised on time, every time. We’ll send copies to your customers and follow up with them to ensure they are received.

We also offer a completely professional bookkeeping service, so you can keep control of your finances. We will work with you to ensure a tailored service is provided in order to meet specific needs.

Credit Control
Building relationships with your customers to improve your cashflow.
Invoice Creation
Creating and generating your invoices for your customers and clients.
Sending Invoices
Ensuring your invoices are sent regularly and on time.
Cashflow Forecasting
Ongoing predictions based on historical data.