About Us

MOMENTUM Business Support was founded in 2013 by Mikki Harris. We started out providing administration support services and have grown over the years to offer almost all of the back office ‘teams’ you need to successfully run your business.

Our core service offerings are admin support, virtual assistants, research, digital marketing, finance, HR and recruitment and project and event management. We work with a variety of businesses in a number of sectors and our combined experience and flexible approach mean that we can work with any company in any industry.

We like to practice what we preach and encourage the same flexibility with our people as we do with our clients. We don’t have a large office (we’d rather invest in ourselves) and we aren’t driven by set working patterns. We all work virtually from home offices or shared working spaces, giving us the ability to work with all time zones and business schedules. We understand that your needs go beyond the boundaries of good old fashioned 9-5. This also means there’s no need for you to find extra space, desks or equipment!

We are truly passionate about supporting the growth of small and medium sized businesses (we do after all make up approximately 95% of the WORLDS businesses!) and all of our internal improvements and developments are focussed on how we can serve you better.

If you’d like to find out more about us and how we can help you, get in touch now and make it happen..

Our principles and core values

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Our Core Values


  • Provide exceptional customer centric services of the highest quality, exceeding expectations.
  • Value all of our internal and external relationships, past, present and future, individually and equally.
  • Keep our promises, honouring all of our agreements – we believe in trust.
  • Are simple and easy to use – our people and our services.
  • Stay respectful and supportive being flexible and understanding in our approach.
  • Remain committed to integrity – honest, trustworthy, loyal and fair.
  • Provide clear and simple pricing structures ensuring excellent value for money.
  • Take confidentiality seriously, adhering to the Data Protection act.
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  • Always encourage free thinking and idea generation.
  • Value initiative and support self-development.
  • Regularly review performance and provide appropriate training and support.
  • Continually track time, monitoring and constantly evolving our approach.
  • Make well informed and efficient decisions.
  • Communicate openly and honestly in a constructive and professional manner.
  • Support each other fully, in all areas.
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  • Support our clients with their business visions and goals and do everything we can to help them make it happen..
  • Always listen and work with our clients to understand their needs, providing expert advice and opinions that count.
  • Be flexible in our approach to charges, fees and retainers. Providing the best support tailored to each individual client.
  • Respect the ownership of all intellectual copyright vested in our clients’ intellectual property.
  • Are committed to continuous improvement and development of our team and services, anticipating the changing needs of our clients and their sectors.
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  • Comply with all applicable laws and internal guidelines.
  • Help employees realise and develop their potential, starting with a strong recruitment process – hiring based on attitude, skills and expertise.
  • Protect the interests of our People, Clients and Company with unbiased, clear and fair contracts.
  • Grow through continuous improvement.
  • Are committed to providing an environment free from discrimination, or inappropriate behaviour.
  • Value equality and providing a healthy, motivated, positive work environment.