Getting Things Done More Effectively

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Effective: To successfully achieve the results that you want

In most cases, the result we want is to get [the task] done and get it done well, and knowing what it is that you need to complete or are trying to achieve is the first hurdle. From small tasks to big projects, the key to being most effective is to identify everything you need to do in the form of a ‘to do’ list. Start by making a note of everything you need to get done, not just the larger jobs, but the little ones as well.

Takeaway Tip: Always start with a ‘to do’ list

Make your to do list more effective by including timescales for every task you plan to complete (e.g. 10 minutes; 2 hours etc.), and then include timeframes for when they need to be completed by (e.g. 1 week; 2 days etc.). You now have a much better idea of exactly what you need to do, by when, and how long it will take.

Takeaway Tip: Ensure your ‘to do’ list includes realistic timeframes for every task

You want to be as effective as possible from the beginning of each new day, so give yourself a helping hand by knowing exactly what you’re going to achieve before you even sit at your desk or work station. Write your to do list the day before or at the beginning of each week to eliminate any procrastination at the start of your day.

Takeaway Tip: Know what you are going to achieve the day or week before

Finally, including set time slots in your calendar each day for getting key tasks and general admin done is vital to ensuring you make the time. Blocking out set days each week specifically for conducting meetings (such as a Tuesday and Thursday) will also help you to be more effective as you won’t be rushing around trying to juggle travel and work at the same time. This also applies to the larger tasks you have to do regularly, such as your month end processes or invoicing. Setting aside specific time each month in your calendar will help you focus on getting these done.

Takeaway Tip: Set aside time in your calendar for admin jobs, set meeting days, and month end tasks

Getting Things Done More Effectively
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