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Digital marketing encompasses a number of key and important tasks you should be undertaking within your business on a daily basis. But we know it can be time consuming for you, and counterproductive if you don’t have the necessary skills to execute your plans well. Whilst we specialise in social media management, we also provide a complete suite of digital marketing services.

Social Media Management

Having developed a thorough understanding of organic social media growth for SME’s since 2013, our Marketing Team knows that each day, week or month can be quite different in the ever changing and engaging world of a charity or business’ social media. Therefore, all our Social Media Management services are provided on a set monthly retainer basis, so you always know where you stand with your budget.

Your social media management will include:

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Setting up and/or optimising current profiles on [any social media platform].

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Utilising ‘Story’ functions to increase reach and engagement.

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Daily monitoring, responding and actioning of messages and interactions.

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Creating and scheduling all posts and curating associated media each week for each chosen platform, based on agreed guidelines, brand tone and your company’s goals, to drive focus.

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Quarterly stakeholder meeting to discuss upcoming focusses and incorporate these into your bespoke Social Media Marketing plan.

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Daily posts across each managed social media platform.

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Produce a 6 monthly insights and data report with progress updates, ROI and growth metrics.

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Interacting with influencers, groups and other relevant networks to build engagement and increase following.

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Liaising with appointed organisation representatives to gather up to date news, information, events, announcements and updates.

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Developing, influencing and growing an organic audience.

Optional Support:
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Preparing and creating adverts aimed at an ideal demographic.

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Monitoring advert results, analysing data and improving ongoing reach and engagement with those Ads.

Why should you invest in social media activity?

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Customers and prospects are able to validate you
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Enables your brand and users to interact freely and quickly
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Signals that your brand is credible and trustworthy
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Create and share valuable content
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Access new customers and stay in touch with existing ones.
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Find out what your competitors are doing

Wider Digital Marketing Services

We don’t just stop at social media management, we also offer the below services. This list is not exhaustive, so if what you’re looking for isn’t here, please get in touch and we’d be delighted to discuss your needs.

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Blog Creation

Helping you to get regular messages and insightful content to your online audiences.

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Proof Reading

We can read over everything you've written, checking for errors and ensuring your grammar and tone are consistent.

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If you're creating or updating a website, we can help by creating bespoke keyword focussed copy.

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Email Campaigns

Targeted messaging, monthly updates, one off communications and much more.

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Search Engine Optimisation

 We can help you to achieve high ranking search results.

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Contact Data

Turning your contact lists into functional databases.

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Regular digital communications providing key updates and marketing opportunities.

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Business Listings

Getting your business noticed and supporting your SEO strategy.