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A football flying through the air into the net

What The World Cup Teaches Us About Teamwork

By MOMENTUM Business Support | Nov 21, 2022

No matter who you’re rooting for, we can all agree there is a lot to be learnt from the World Cup. But who knew that it could be such an accurate analogy for achieving your team targets? When you break down its meaning, teamwork simply refers to the process of working together to achieve a […] Read More

A Man typing out a blog on a laptop on a desk

6 Ways To Elevate Your Business Blog

By MOMENTUM Business Support | Nov 9, 2022

Having a business blog for your company is important beyond reasons you might expect. Apart from becoming an informative source for your audience, studies show that websites housing regular blogs get more than twice the amount of traffic than those without. They boost your SEO, provide additional social media exposure, and can be incredibly useful […] Read More

Desktop computer with graphic design program open with colour schemes and logo templates

4 Things To Consider When Doing A Brand Refresh

By MOMENTUM Business Support | Oct 26, 2022

Behind every well-established business is strong branding and while a full overhaul isn’t always necessary, a strategic refresh can be the rejuvenation you’re looking for. The world is ever changing and exhibiting the ability to adapt and stay relevant can showcase strength as well as a deeper understanding of your clients’ needs. A current and […] Read More

Laptop and Work From Home sign on a computer desk

Decreasing Energy Usage When Working From Home

By MOMENTUM Business Support | Oct 4, 2022

It’s no surprise that in a post-pandemic world the number of people choosing to work from home maintains elevated. And while there are undoubted benefits, such as the decreasing of carbon emissions, travel expenses, and time – the rising costs of energy are becoming the number one downside to a home office. In 2022 it […] Read More

Open laptop on a desk filled with plants displaying words "Customer Service" on the screen

4 Tips for Implementing Exceptional Customer Service

By MOMENTUM Business Support | Sep 21, 2022

Customer service refers to the quality and overall standard of assistance and aid given to customers by a business. It can cover a wide range of experiences such as: answering queries, resolving issues, addressing concerns, and amending orders – all of which count towards the general prestige and reputation of a brand. But why does […]

Read More
A person typing on a laptop with a document icon next to them

Improve Your File Management Efficiency

By MOMENTUM Business Support | Aug 31, 2022

As a business, file management can be a tedious and sometimes overwhelming task. Between your computer, the cloud, and mobile devices, remembering where all of your documents are stored can be quite the challenge. But fear not – there is always something to be done! To make finding everything that little bit easier, here are […] Read More

Business individual carrying out administrative duties on a white table with a laptop, diary and tablet

Bookkeeping Tips for SMEs

By MOMENTUM Business Support | Aug 19, 2022

No matter how much you try to avoid it, bookkeeping will always be an integral part of your business’s daily operations. Helping to improve your budgeting, target visualisation, and compliance with Government regulations, bookkeeping is the backbone of any well organised business. Failing to designate the necessary time and focus it needs, can quickly result […] Read More

Desktop computer on a wooden desk with an active business video call on the screen

Make Your Team Meetings More Productive

By MOMENTUM Business Support | Aug 2, 2022

Whether you’re an SME or an industry giant, team meetings are an essential part of every business. Invaluable to any workforce, they help to strengthen strategies, as well as the relationship with your team. However, there’s no need to hold them excessively! More thought through and productive meetings produce more benefits while helping to decrease […] Read More

Shot from above showing a business trade show with blue exhibit colours

Top Tips For Exhibiting At A Business Show

By MOMENTUM Business Support | Jul 18, 2022

Business shows are a tried and tested way of gaining exposure for your business. They also provide a unique opportunity for networking and strengthening connections. But, whether it’s your first time or you’re a returning business, it’s important to attend the exhibition feeling prepared and confident. Over the years, we have attended our fair share […] Read More

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