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Business individual carrying out administrative duties on a white table with a laptop, diary and tablet

Bookkeeping Tips for SMEs

By MOMENTUM Business Support | Aug 19, 2022

No matter how much you try to avoid it, bookkeeping will always be an integral part of your business’s daily operations. Helping to improve your budgeting, target visualisation, and compliance with Government regulations, bookkeeping is the backbone of any well organised business. Failing to designate the necessary time and focus it needs, can quickly result […] Read More

Desktop computer on a wooden desk with an active business video call on the screen

Make Your Team Meetings More Productive

By MOMENTUM Business Support | Aug 2, 2022

Whether you’re an SME or an industry giant, team meetings are an essential part of every business. Invaluable to any workforce, they help to strengthen strategies, as well as the relationship with your team. However, there’s no need to hold them excessively! More thought through and productive meetings produce more benefits while helping to decrease […] Read More

Shot from above showing a business trade show with blue exhibit colours

Top Tips For Exhibiting At A Business Show

By MOMENTUM Business Support | Jul 18, 2022

Business shows are a tried and tested way of gaining exposure for your business. They also provide a unique opportunity for networking and strengthening connections. But, whether it’s your first time or you’re a returning business, it’s important to attend the exhibition feeling prepared and confident. Over the years, we have attended our fair share […] Read More

Open notebook with Call To Action written over the page

5 Way’s To Perfect Your CTA Strategy

By MOMENTUM Business Support | Jun 30, 2022

In most cases, the best performing campaigns are carefully embellished with eye catching CTA’s (Calls To Action). Serving as compelling invitations and tempting offers, they’re often the final touch on landing pages, newsletters, and adverts. A call to action is a digital marketing strategy designed with the intent to encourage immediate action or sale from […] Read More

Hands holding a mobile phone displaying the Facebook app log in screen

Creating An Engaging Facebook Business Page

By MOMENTUM Business Support | Jun 22, 2022

Facebook is one of the original social media platforms, and thanks to its 3 billion monthly users, it is still considered to be the most popular choice when it comes to marketing through social media. But, with millions of businesses using the platform, how do you go about making your Facebook page stand out?  Consistent […]

Read More
Hand holding up a translusent card with like, comment and follow amounts and symbols

Boosting Your Audience Engagement Through Social Media

By MOMENTUM Business Support | Jun 7, 2022

So you’ve created a social media account for your business. You may even have a significant following, but the audience engagement just isn’t coming. What can be done?  Luckily, many of the solutions are simple and, in most cases, benefit from immediate results. Here’s our list of 6 things you can do to boost your […] Read More

white notebook with the words branding on it on a wooden surface

4 Tips For Maintaining Brand Consistency

By MOMENTUM Business Support | May 24, 2022

Making sure your branding is consistent is key when it comes to building and maintaining an easily recognised business. Consistency solidifies the image of a brand in the mind of the public, presenting a single, unified identity and personality. This is important, as an output that has a different tone, writing style or visual style […] Read More

blue background with a paper cut out of a side profile with a heart shaped flower over the temple.

Mental Health In The Workplace

By MOMENTUM Business Support | May 10, 2022

It can be difficult at times to maintain a balance. Things can pile on without you realising, causing stress and anxiety – especially in the workplace. It’s often the case, we don’t even realise we’re struggling and can find it difficult to recognise the early signs of burnout. Whether you need a little help yourself […] Read More

three gifts wrapped in eco friendly wrappping, with flower decorations on a light background


By MOMENTUM Business Support | Apr 27, 2022

Whether it’s the holiday season or you’re looking for something to say thank you or happy birthday to your staff or clients, gift giving often goes hand in hand with success and celebrations. They’re a gesture of thoughtfulness and care, a universal language used for letting others know that you appreciate them. Sadly, there is […] Read More

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