How To Create An Engaging And Valuable Social Media Schedule

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It’s Vital To Have A Strategy When It Comes To Posting Content

A Social Media Schedule is quite simply a plan that outlines the key content of your future posts across all of your Social Media platforms. It’s vital to have a strategy when it comes to posting content to ensure you stay consistent and make all the hard-work and effort of keeping up a regular presence pay off! A schedule also really helps to ensure your content is in line with your business’ goals and gives you the opportunity to think about the messages you’re sharing and link them into new product/service launches, events throughout the year, key achievements, milestones you want to share and much more.

When it comes to Social Media, the main goals are usually to increase followers, boost engagement, generate leads and to establish yourself and your business as a leader in your field. Creating a schedule really gives you the opportunity to do this. It takes you from being reactive to proactive – the key to any successful business strategy.

Identify The Reason You’re Using Social Media

So, first things first, you need to identify the reason you’re using Social Media in the first place and link your posts directly to your objectives. For example, if you’re using Social Media as a brand awareness tool, then make sure your posts truly reflect your desired business image. If it’s for customer service or research, then ensure your posts are interactive, open and welcoming. If it’s to increase custom and generate leads, then be sure your messages focus on what’s important to your customers and give them plenty of evidence to show why you’re the best choice for them.

Mix It Up And Keep Your Updates Interesting

Broadly speaking, the more active you are on Social Media the better, however there are exceptions to the rule. Constantly shouting about yourself, without quality ‘evidence’ – such as blogs, tips or useful advice – will turn people off. Remember what you’re trying to achieve and cleverly link your posts into your goals. There are a number of different post types to take advantage of: photos; videos; gifs; links; text; offers; quotes and of course, don’t forget your all-important #hashtags. Mix it up and keep your updates interesting. It’s also essential to know when your audience is online. Everyone is busy – your customers being no exception. Make it easy for them to see what you’re sharing by understanding the best times of day to reach them. Weekday lunchtimes might be a great time, but Friday evenings certainly won’t be!

It’s Also Important To Remember That These Are ‘Social’ Sites

To schedule our content we use Hootsuite, but there are lots of other great tools out there – (this might help The best thing to do is take a look and see which one works best for you. Alternatively, if you’d rather not use an external software, a simple spreadsheet or even word document works just as well – the only downside is you can’t physically schedule the posts for future times/dates.

Whilst the main benefits of creating a Social Media Schedule are saving you time, planning ahead and maintaining your sanity! It’s also important to remember that these are ‘social’ sites. For your overall approach to work, you will still need to access your social platforms regularly to respond, like and interact with followers. The schedule is about focusing your time and targeting your messages, it’s not about taking yourself ‘out of the room’ and holding a one sided conversation.

Remember – every new channel is an opportunity to access new customers and stay in touch with existing ones. It’s vital to share well thought out valuable content, allowing your customers and prospects to validate you and give your brand credibility by being visible.

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