Make Your Goals Happen

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Having goals is such an important factor to maintaining direction and purpose. Here we share some of our top tips on making your goals happen!

Outline your Goals
The first step to making your goals happen is to outline what it is that you want to achieve. Your goal can be a big or small – think big and go above and beyond what skills you currently have. Stretch yourself but be realistic.

Break your Goals down
Breaking down goals helps us to be more specific. For example: Your goal is to create a work-life balance. Ask yourself why it is you want to achieve this goal: Is it to spend more time with family and friends? Have more time to focus on hobbies outside of work? Think about the underlying reasons as to why you want to achieve your goal and it will help you progress.

Create a Plan of Action
Write up your goals in a plan that you can refer back to. Identify what the first steps to achieving your goal are and what time frames you are working against. Set time aside to review and re-evaluate this plan when you can.

Keep Calm and Make It Happen!
Accomplishing your goals doesn’t happen overnight. Working towards them can be difficult sometimes. It’s important to stay stress free and remember with baby steps, you will eventually achieve your goals! Set yourself new goals once you have completed others, so you always have something you are motivated and focused on working towards.

At MOMENTUM, we believe that making goals is the key to success, but we understand that you may not currently have the time to plan them with your busy schedule. We can take care of those everyday tasks with our virtual PA services so you can take the time to focus on planning your goals. Find out more today:

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My secret to being the ‘most organised person you know’

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Everyone always tells me I’m the most organised person they know. I get a lot of ‘it’s ok for you, you’re organised’ and ‘it’s easy for you, you remember everything’ or ‘you do it, you’ll remember’.

The truth is, I don’t.

I used to think I had a great memory and was super organised, but that was before I started my own business, and one role became every role!

A few years ago, it felt like my natural ability to remember ‘everything’ started to fade. The busier I got the more there was to remember and the more I began to fret about it. I’m not saying I did forget everything, and I certainly still managed to appear organised and well planned, but at a cost. Lots of late nights trying to cram it all in whilst it was still fresh. Restless nights in and out of sleep, conscious that I had: clients to support; business accounts to get up to date; invoices and proposals to get out; events to plan and manage; stationery to order; software updates to implement; and so on and more.

Sound familiar? Of course it does. You have just as much to keep on top of as I do!

So, what’s my secret to making sure I’m still  ‘the most organised person you know’?


I know. It’s probably not quite the ultimate all revealing ‘secret’ you were after but it’s true. Writing my to-do list and keeping it updated every day takes the pressure out of remembering. There’s so much else to do, I just don’t have time to remember any more. So every evening when I finish work, I update my to-do list. And every morning, there it is, ensuring I know exactly what I need to do to get the most out of my day – No more restless nights or undue stress!

If you struggle to remember everything, or have written your to-do list and just don’t have the time to get it all done, then get in touch. We have an amazing team who are excellent at helping others become ‘the most organised person you know’!

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How To Stay Motivated – Keeping The Momentum

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Sometimes we all lack motivation at work, start daydreaming, lack productivity, would much rather be doing anything else (the list goes on..). Here’s some top tips on how to keep motivated.

Personal and Professional Development Plan
If you have a plan like this – Great! If not, you need one!
A personal and professional development plan shows your goals along with a description of the goal, how successful it needs to be and your timescales/milestones. Creating one for yourself can be hard, you’ll need to think of everything you want to achieve, but don’t make it easy for yourself! Push yourself and make a plan that is realistic but still sets your goals at a high level.

Sounds like hard work, but getting up early before work to exercise gives you more energy for the day! Yes we know, the first part is the hardest – getting out of your comfy bed. But once you’re up and out, either in the gym, out in the fresh air for a run or simply doing a work out in your own home you’ll feel great! – and you’ll feel even better once you’ve done the work out! You can then start your day feeling much more refreshed than if you’d had that extra hour in bed.

This may be the most obvious one and also completely contradicting my last point, but you still need a lot of sleep. I know it seems obvious, but do you always get to bed on time and always get a good night’s sleep? – No. If you are lacking motivation at work and feeling run down, think about going to bed earlier. Take your mind off all those things circling around  your head, grab a book, grab a cup of tea, and get some rest. The next day will feel so much better – you’ll feel you’ve had a break and be ready to crack back on with the work!

What are you looking forward to?
Planning things ahead can be a really good thing when lacking motivation. What holidays, weekends and days out do you have planned? Take a 5 minute break to have a little search on the internet about the places you’re going; find some pictures and imagine yourself there – but don’t get too distracted though, just a few minutes…

Make sure you have a balance between work life and personal life. We all know that this can be hard when you run your own business as it becomes a huge part of your life and everyday living. However, if it takes over your personal life as well then it will be hard to get the balance between the two. Make time for personal life and switch off from your business life. Think about what you’re looking forward to after work, any plans, hobbies, friends/family you would like to see? – And make time for it!

Sense of Achievement
Aiming to end every day with finished tasks or accomplishments is a great way to stay motivated. A sense of achievement can become addictive, when you finish tasks it often makes you want to finish more – which is great as you’ll get lots done!

Reward Yourself
When you’ve had this sense of achievement either at the end of the week or even at the end of the day; reward yourself. Go have that big glass of wine you’ve wanted all day or go buy that handbag you’ve been wanting for months. You’ll feel so much better rewarding yourself when you know you have done something to achieve it. – You deserve it!

We’ve found, even if you try just two of these you’ll start to feel much more motivated – so what are you waiting for?