Juggling It All As A Small Business

It’s so easy to say yes to everything and everyone, but this can add a lot of stress to anyone who is self-employed or managing a small business, particularly with a household to run or a family to consider. So we’ve pulled together a few of our tips and tricks to help you manage.

Keep your calendar updated

Sounds simple, but if it slips your mind to add things into your calendar it can quickly snowball into overstretching yourself and can cause the added pressure of trying to fit too much in.

Top tip: Colour coding commitments is a great way to keep on top of everything and focus on the task in hand.

Plan your week

Planning is a big part of making sure your week runs as smoothly as possible. At the beginning of each week, ask yourself what you want to achieve realistically each day. Make a weekly (and then daily) plan, setting it all out.

Top tip: Make a list of what you would like to get done and work your way through it.

This will help you reach your end goal and keep a clear mind resulting in a better work/life balance.

Set realistic time frames

Set realistic time frames on everything from business priorities to family time. It’s never a good idea to squeeze anyone or anything in as it will take away from the quality of your work or time with those you care about.

Top tip: In your calendar, set approximate time frames on how long each task/activity should take you.

Spend time with family

Take time out to be present with family and focus on their needs and building / maintaining strong relationships with them. It’s easy to get caught up in constantly thinking about work and what needs to be done but it’s best to keep a clear line between business and family.

Top tip: Try keeping this time varied and interesting and you should find it helps keep energy levels up, resulting in a positive impact on work too.

Although there are many ways to juggle running a business with family time, sometimes you can still feel stretched and overwhelmed. At MOMENTUM we understand how valuable your time is, so should you find yourself in this position we’d love to help with our Admin and PA services. Get in touch by emailing makeithappen@mbsmih.com or by giving us a call on 01903 688789.

This article was featured in Issue 8 of Worthing & Adur Chamber of Commerce’s Connect Magazine

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