The Benefits Of Offering Personalised Business Experiences

Online businesses and e-commerce are continuing to thrive well into 2022, successfully adapting to the market’s ever-changing demands. While personalisation frequently gets lost in the process, a tailored experience is often the biggest factor behind a returning customer. A product or service meeting both your individual requirements and expectations can be anything from a flexible arrangement to product suggestions based on your purchase history, but as we delve deeper into the significance of a personalised experience, it’s clear that it deserves to be on every business’ priority list.

Feeling heard and understood

Being on the receiving end of information that is not relevant or helpful is not only frustrating, but also a common occurrence for many customers. Many businesses make the mistake of overwhelming its clientele with impersonal advertisement and spam like marketing, ultimately straining their customer relationships. While advertisement and sales are undoubtedly important, the most effective way of getting your service considered is through presenting it in a way that is pertinent to your audience. It helps the customer feel understood as well as building trust, which is crucial for future interaction. The simplest way of utilising personalised marketing is through:

  • Product recommendation – Many softwares offer personalised recommendations using tools that study our online behaviour and purchase choices. They review our preferred content and present us with similar and relevant products using predictive data information. The technology mimics a personal shopper and immediately bestows a friendly interaction between the business and its customers.
  • Location targeting – Location based advertisements allow for the targeting of customers in a predetermined area as well as, delivering advertisements based on the customers visited locations. It’s a fantastic tool in building the feeling of relevance and providing relevant recommendations. The method is proven to be equally cost effective as well as offering higher precision.
  • Social media presence – Apart from boosting visibility and brand awareness, social media is an incredibly efficient way to engage with consumers. In our day to day lives social media is mostly used in keeping up to date with our friends, peers, or interests and thus by association it already draws a parallel to the clienteles’ personal lives. It creates a sense of community between a business and its audience, while encouraging direct interaction, brand loyalty and revisiting.
  • Personalised emails – Targeted and personalised emails may just be the reason behind the message not being immediately moved to the junk folder. While mundane, impersonal emails often get treated as spam, personalised emails prove effective in getting audience attention. From the welcome, anniversary or birthday emails to the well-known “did you forget to check out?”, it’s those finer details that make the experience feel so tailored and customised.
  • Webpage greetings – Much like personalised emails, webpage greeting can really spruce up the visuals of your site. Many webpages opt for a “Welcome back” message as well as a “Thank you for your purchase” or a “See you soon” which creates the feeling of an established bond through informal greetings. If logged in to an existing account, the registered account holder name may be featured alongside the greetings – adding the final touch of personalisation.

Instant results

After the introduction of personalised marketing features, many businesses see immediate benefits. Customer feedback and satisfaction rates are higher, as well as general consumer engagement increasing across all platforms. Brand affinity and trust improves, while more customers return, creating more stable sales. Finally, the overall brand reputation improves and the overall revenue spikes.

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