12 Days Of Tipmas Day 4: Build A Trusted Network

The phrase “It’s not what you know, but who you know” is used within many industries and while you may think it’s just a saying, it truly holds up its value when it comes to starting and growing a business. Of course, knowledge and skills are still important, but often the key to successfully running a business is a trusted network. Your connections play an integral part in expanding your brands reach, as well as increasing your visibility- both ultimately resulting in higher sales and a positive cash flow turnout.

So where do you start? It may be the case that your network is very small or you may even be starting from scratch, but not to worry, there are several things which you can do to build up a trusted network, most of which come with zero additional costs. First, remember that the heart of networking lies online. If you haven’t already, set up appropriate social media accounts and begin connecting with old, new, and prospect clients as well as other businesses and owners. Regardless of which industry you’re in- it’s near impossible for a business to thrive in 2022 without the additional visibility from social media. Here is a list of things you can do improve your network:

  • Be social, attend or hold business events
  • Sign up to relevant social media platforms
  • Join social media communities, groups, and lists
  • Take part in local business awards
  • Encourage word of mouth and ask for referrals
  • Deliver fresh and trending content- generating more interest
  • Use your existing testimonials and encourage reviews
  • Team up with other businesses, publish and partake in guest blogs

If you’d like to find out more about the importance of business networking, we would love to help and hear your thoughts. For blog questions, business advice and all other queries, get in touch!

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