Have You Thought About Sending A Newsletter?

If customer engagement is first on your agenda, you’re probably already set up on the top social platforms for your business. But there’s another format you might be overlooking. An e-mail newsletter is a simple yet effective way to maintain regular communication with your prospects and customers, which allows you to send out relevant content, event schedules, updates, and promotional offers. Whether you send out a bitesize blog or weekly news, it’s a valuable tool to have under your belt.

Creating website traffic

Your site visitors will rarely come from a direct browser search. Unless your company is known on a global scale, most of your visitors will originate from a previous call to action, a social media link or a referral. Once you have taken the plunge and designed your newsletter, it is important that the content is mostly taken from your business website and guides the reader to your domain with a simple call to action.

Improving customer relations

An e-newsletter is a sure way of giving your customer and prospect relationships a solid boost. It not only creates an opportunity to hold the readers undivided attention while presenting your prepared content, but also provides the feeling of exclusivity for them. Personalised touches such as using a first name, or a signature sign off, can be a subtle but effective way of establishing a growing bond.

Establishing credibility

One of the most crucial factors behind establishing a successful audience is trust. Your subscriber has taken the first step in trusting your company with its contact information, and now it’s up to you to provide relevant and beneficial content. Incorporate seasonal topics, current trends or newsworthy updates but always keep it on brand to avoid disassociation from your audience.

Consistency over quantity

Your newsletter doesn’t have to be super long, in fact bitesize newsletters often perform better. A regular send out is what really counts! Just like social media posts, your newsletter can either be scheduled or sent out manually following a designated day and time. If you’re unsure of the frequency at which you should be sending out your newsletter, the best people to ask are your own customers! Set up a poll or a questionnaire and find out what your target audience wants to see. Remember that consistency reaps more benefits than an overload of emails which are more likely to end up in the spam folder. Find the right balance and start a routine with your subscribers.

Get planning

As it stands, a newsletter can be a fantastic marketing tool for your business, all you need is a plan and regular content to help you hit your targets. Make sure your template design is clear and on brand and keep things current. Don’t forget that an eye-catching title and straight to the point subject line can often be the deciding factor behind your open rates. Remember to make the most of newsletter analytics and keep monitoring your open/ click through rates for that real time feedback.

If you’d like to find out more about e-newsletters or require any business support, get in touch. We run a weekly newsletter ourselves and have first-hand experience in promoting a small business. We would love to answer any of your questions and discuss your ideas, we’re looking forward to hearing from you.

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Have You Thought About Sending A Newsletter?
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