Are You Making These Social Media Mistakes?

In the last decade the numbers of social media profiles have skyrocketed beyond all expectations. Users of all ages and backgrounds are connecting across the world, as ‘liking’, ‘sharing’, and ‘tweeting’ has rapidly become everyone’s go to downtime. And so, it’s no wonder that social media is the place to be for every business. However, social media never came with a handbook. Sure, most of us know the basics but many users are continuing to make common mistakes that are affecting their reach, engagement, and branding. Join us, as we explore common social media mistakes your business should avoid!

Quantity over Quality – While you may think posting as much as possible is the way to go, it is the quality that makes the difference. If your profile is over encumbered with meaningless posts, it becomes harder for your audience to find the content that actually matters. Not only does it dominate people’s newsfeeds, but it also comes across as spammy which can lead to a loss of followers. Work to achieve a higher standard, choose regular but effective content that brings interactions and growth. This could be things like blogs, tips, polls, and testimonials – which are all popular choices among established business owners.

Lacking in video content – Video marketing has become widely used among successful brands, but many of us are still intimidated by the video format. While it requires extra time and attention it is by far the most effective when it comes to audience reach and platform algorithms. Top social media sites such as Facebook and Instagram are making calculated choices regarding the content shown to their platform users. They often prioritise video content and grant it a noticeably longer shelf life – giving it an edge over competing posts. Finally, video content is much more likely to be shared and to go ‘viral’ – it has higher audience retention and is often more accessible.

Not using a scheduling tool – Social media scheduling tools allow businesses to plan, visualise and keep their content consistent. Online schedule users can benefit from analytic technologies and helpful tools such as recommended posting times and engagement reports. They’re a fantastic way of staying consistent during busier periods and seeing the impact of your content.

Not targeting your audience – While Social media platforms have millions of users across the world, it’s important to cater towards your target audience first! This allows you to concentrate on the most suitable prospects and strategize your marketing. Businesses that don’t target their high-value audiences, tend to have much lower website traffic, a weaker referral base and fewer returning customers.

Not engaging with your audience – No one likes a one end conversation, which is exactly what a lack of customer engagement looks like! While you may have an established following and regular content, you need to utilise your business profile to its full potential. Get involved with your audience, comment, and reply to their queries. Engaging with your audience provides authenticity and validation – it shows that you’re listening to their needs. It can do a lot for a business, building lasting relationships and credibility. The most effective profiles are often the ones with an organic conversation between the business and its audience, eliminating that superficial feel.

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Are You Making These Social Media Mistakes?
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