Top Tips For Exhibiting At A Business Show

Business shows are a tried and tested way of gaining exposure for your business. They also provide a unique opportunity for networking and strengthening connections. But, whether it’s your first time or you’re a returning business, it’s important to attend the exhibition feeling prepared and confident.

Over the years, we have attended our fair share of business exhibitions and managed to acquire some first-hand insights too. As proud media sponsors of this year’s Better Business Show (hosted by Worthing and Adur Chamber Of Commerce), it’s safe to say we know a thing or two about making your business stand out. Here’s our top tips for exhibiting at a business show:

Set a clear goal

What do you hope to achieve? Do you want to show off a new product? Maybe you’d like to strengthen business connections, or make new ones? Tailoring your strategy around one of these goals will ensure that your exhibit has a tight focus, which makes it easier to budget for and appeal to the right audience. Ultimately, having clear goals and expectations in mind will help you to feel confident while executing your plan – making sure you achieve your desired results.

Plan your budget

Once again it is important to prepare in advance. With your goal decided for the exhibition, you can then focus on the budget. Lots of different elements go into an exhibit, and small things add up. Set a budget for travel, hotels, and renting the exhibit space. Be mindful of how many members of staff you are going to bring, as this can make costs spiral quickly.  Be responsible, always prioritise the essentials and avoid last minute spending to evade potential late notice fees.

Create an inviting space

Give the crowd a reason to stop by – make your stand exciting, unique, and inviting. Consider offering simple refreshments or temporary seating, which will reinforce positive associations with your business. Remember that people are naturally drawn to visually pleasing spaces, so keep it on brand, organised and tidy. Avoid cluttering your stand and create a strong focal point at the exhibit. Eye catching graphics or company slogans can go a long way in conveying the overall message and values of your business, while bright primary colours – such as red – naturally help to draw in crowd attention (bonus points if they’re your brand colours).

Maximise engagement and interactivity

Boost your stand interest through interactive demos and engaging tasters. Create memorable opportunities for audience involvement and physical participation, allowing your prospects to better understand your services. For example, if you’re promoting a physical product, do a live demonstration of the goods in action. This will help the audience to better visualise the effectiveness of your product as well as providing them with a real time opportunity to ask questions and receive a response. You may also want to consider contests or giveaways, which are both effective techniques for creating interest and buzz around your services. Proving beneficial both prior and during the exhibit, these engagement strategies are a great way of securing a new customer base as well as encouraging social sharing.

Promote and follow-up

Hone your communication skills and make the most of the business show by promoting your attendance. Spread the word through your website and active social media platforms by incorporating exhibit teasers into your weekly content. It’s a great tactic for building up momentum and excitement ahead of the show. A good way to do this is through sneak-peaks, promotional posts, and event countdowns. During the show, utilise every minute with your prospects. Have all relevant documents at hand and make future communication smooth and effortless. Create easy access to sign up sheets, business cards and samples, showcasing your business efficiency from the get-go. Most importantly, always follow up with new connections and prospective customers!

We hope you’ve found this read insightful! Let us know if we’ve missed anything and catch us at the upcoming Better Business Show. If you’d like to find out more or require any additional business support, get in touch:

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