4 Things To Consider When Doing A Brand Refresh

Behind every well-established business is strong branding and while a full overhaul isn’t always necessary, a strategic refresh can be the rejuvenation you’re looking for. The world is ever changing and exhibiting the ability to adapt and stay relevant can showcase strength as well as a deeper understanding of your clients’ needs. A current and accurate brand identity helps to portray a better image of your business and so a simple alteration can go a long way in helping it reach its full potential. It’s a great way to create buzz, generate new sales and stay ahead of the curve. But what are the things you should consider before diving in at the deep end? 

How has your business evolved?

At the start of your business, you may have had a basic idea of what you wanted your company to be, but as time has gone on you may have established a more refined image. The appearance of your brand should change accordingly, as you explorer aspects that weren’t initially present or fully developed. It is likely that you have also grown as a person and/ or team, which will reflect in your tastes and skillsets. You may have gained design skills or knowledge which could now allow you to refresh your branding to a standard better suited to your expectations. Finally, you may have also acquired financial resources allowing you to outsource your branding refresh to a professional.

How is your target audience expanding or changing?

Has your target audience expanded or changed from when you last thought about your branding? Do you want to appeal to a new demographic? If so, you can cater your new look to an audience you most want to appeal to, which will naturally draw in more suitable prospects. Just be careful to not forget about your existing audience, as completely changing the branding can alienate long-time customers and damage preestablished relationships when not done right. Subtlety is the best choice and can still benefit from an exciting, rejuvenated look while honouring your branding origins.

Does your branding reflect your current missions and values?

If your company values or ideals have recently changed, it might be time for a brand refresh. For instance, if sustainability has become a major part of your services/ products you might want to consider adding subtle greens to your colour scheme or website. Alternatively, you could also change or create your company slogan to better reflect those values. A great example of using a slogan to showcase your company ethos is Green Toys and their tagline – Good Green Fun™. It’s simple, straightforward, and perfectly echoes their environmentally friendly ideology.

Is your logo optimised and visually up to date?

In the current commercial landscape, simple logos have become a popular choice among newly established businesses, while 3D effects and more intricate patterns are being dropped in favour of more modest designs. Not only are they frequently perceived as more opulent, but they’re also more convenient when it comes to marketing. Simple designs are easier to incorporate into advertisements as well as being the optimal choice for scaling and resizing. Colour is also a great way to strengthen your branding but use it sparingly as too many can sometimes appear inconsistent and dated. Stick to shade variants of your existing palette or 1 or 2 complementary tones.  Fonts can equally go a long way and are often overlooked – cursive can give a handwritten and authentic impression, while serif creates a more formal and traditional look.

It should be noted that the number one mistake when changing up your branding is implementing too much change – too quickly. It’s important to be patient and realistic about the process, making sure to retain easy recognisability and discussing upcoming changes with your audience. Consider holding an official launch for your new/ refreshed branding, celebrating the new chapter alongside your team and clients. Most importantly, take your time and don’t be afraid to hire professional services to help you execute your vision.

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4 Things To Consider When Doing A Brand Refresh
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