6 Festive Alternatives To An Office Party

Every year hundreds of office parties take place, bringing co-workers together to partake in festivities. They are fun and great for team bonding, while allowing you to thank your team for all their hard work throughout the year. However, increasingly large numbers of businesses have shifted away from traditional office spaces, meaning that most businesses no longer have an ‘office’ to hold the party. What’s more, every company is different – be it in size or needs, so it’s important to explore every option, choosing one that is best suited to your team! With Christmas finally underway, we’d like to share with you some of our favourite festive alternatives to the classic office party. 

Potluck dinner – Restaurant outings are fun, and are almost as common as the office party, but can quickly become expensive or booked up. A potluck dinner is a great alternative and a fun twist on a classic – plus it’s cheaper than eating out and allows your team to freely chat over dinner. It also gives your team a chance to show their cooking flair with a signature dish.

Pub quiz – Hosting a pub quiz is a great team activity. It allows you and your employees to share and gain knowledge, and when split into teams it can become a fun, competitive activity. If you’re conscious of going out due to any restrictions or travel factors, “Zoom quizzes” are a great way to socialise remotely. While not quite as atmospheric as a pub quiz, it’s still a fantastic opportunity for quality team time as well as showing off your general (or festive) knowledge.

Team building day – If you have a day to spare this festive season, inviting your team to a team building event is a great way to spend it. The main strength of a team building activity is in the name – it allows your team to bond over some fun group activities! In turn, this leads to breaking down barriers, improved working relationships as well as a more productive team when ‘back on the job’. It is a diverse category, with many activities to choose from such as: escape rooms, board games, arts and crafts workshops, or cooking classes, just to name a few.

Karaoke night – Another twist on a pub night is a karaoke night! You might be able to find a karaoke bar in a larger town or city, but many pubs and bars also host karaoke nights. While it may seem intimidating for some, it’s a tried and tested activity perfect for a casual, festive outing. After all, what’s a better ice breaker than belting out your favourite Christmas tunes?

Ice skating – Ice skating is a great Winter activity for getting your team into the holiday spirit. Skating rinks pop up in many towns during Christmas season, so make the most of them while you can! It’s fun and rewarding and goes perfectly with a steaming cup of hot chocolate after you’re done!

Festive walk – Walks are a natural, cost-effective way for your team to come together and get into the holiday spirit. The UK is home to many stunning parks and areas of natural beauty, so why not wrap up warm and take advantage of them? Keep your eye out for seasonal events – National Trust sites often host winter-themed walks and workshops, perfect for an outing with your team.

While these alternatives are some of our favourites, there isn’t a one size fits all when it comes to these things, so remember to chat with your team and accommodate them as best as you can. We hope this read has been insightful and provides you with some fun ideas to implement this festive season. If you’d like to find our more or require any other business support – we’d love to help! Get in touch:

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