7 Steps To Hosting An Unforgettable Business Event

You may have been thinking about holding an event for your business for some time, and wondering whether you can pull it off or if it would be worth the effort.

Events are fantastic for engagement & networking and can be a very successful way of marketing, if done right. We have gathered some of our top tips to help you make the strongest impact in getting your message over to the right audience for you & your business.


  1. Appealing to your customer/ target client – Keep your customer at the forefront of your mind when deciding what type of event to host, and think about how you’re going to appeal to them. Things to consider are lifestyle, interests and daily challenges that your customer base might face. It’s also a good opportunity to appeal to a new demographic and work on ideas to bring them in.


  1. Getting the date right – It’s a good idea to try and host an event on a typically slow day for your business, as it could help bring in additional revenue during a slow period. Hosting it in busy times will deflect attention and time from your regular customers and you don’t want to tarnish their experience. Another thing to consider is your target audience and selecting days & times for their convenience.


  1. The logistics – Think about any extras you might need such as chairs for a sit-down meal, portable loos for an outside event if there are no convenient rest rooms, decorations to fit the event theme etc… It’s important to be organised with these things early on as you don’t want to stress about it closer to the time and take your attention away from the event itself.


  1. Budget and additional fees – Set a clear budget for your event and don’t forget to include additional fees such as portable toilets (as mentioned above) or hotel rooms should they be required. Gauge whether there is any wiggle room when meeting with suppliers and try for the best price you can get. The worst that can happen is they say no and if you don’t try you don’t get.


  1. Customer service – Make sure customer service is top notch always and effectively showcase your products and or services. It will give attendees a taste of what you offer without feeling pressured by a hard sell. Be sure to have enough staff working so your customers each get the time and attention they deserve.


  1. Contacts & follow ups – Gather as much contact information from attendees as you can during the event and follow up/ keep in touch after. You could follow them on social media or add them to your newsletter mailing list and keep them updated with special offers and promotions. Take care not to overdo it as you don’t want to turn people off buy spamming them.


  1. Stats and goals – Keep in mind the importance of tracking the attendees turned clients to measure the success of the event, and decide whether it added the value and impact you wanted. You could send a survey out afterwards for feedback or give the attendees vouchers and track how many are redeemed. Don’t be disheartened if you don’t see instant results. It can take a while for prospect customers to decide especially when they’re busy with the day to day running of their own business.


If you’re thinking about hosting an event but are not sure where to start or how you’re going to pull it together, get in touch. Our friendly team are always on hand and happy to help. We can do as much or as little as you like in helping you pull off an unforgettable business event.

makeithappen@mbsmih.com or telephone: 01903 688789


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