7 Alternative Workspaces For Home Workers

Whilst there are many positives to being able to work from home; flexibility, no commute, less impact on the environment, your own space etc. etc. Like me, some days you might also find it hard to stay focussed or motivated, or you might just miss a bit of human interaction! I’ve been working on getting out and about a bit more lately and thought I’d share a little inspiration on where else you can go to ‘work’ and still have a productive day…

  1. Cafes
    Pros – Most cafés have free WiFi and some even have plug sockets available for you to charge your phone or laptop. The environment is informal and social, without you having to directly interact with anyone if you don’t want to.
    Cons – If you need to make numerous calls they’re not so ideal, and you will need to buy a drink or two to validate your stay and make it mutually worthwhile.
  2. Libraries
    Pros – A studious, peaceful atmosphere perfect for getting lots done and taking time to think about larger projects. Minimal distractions and no need to be sociable if you’re not in the mood!
    Cons – Calls or lively conversations are a definite no-no and you may be limited on convenient plug socket availability. 
  3. Hotels
    Pros – They often have good facilities for working, and are also ideal places for meetings, with plenty of parking, refreshments and accessible locations.
    Cons – Check first if they have other functions or conferences going on. It could get very busy, very quickly, which might not be ideal for productivity.
  4. Co-Working Spaces
    Pros – Lots of like-minded people to surround yourself with, reasonable rates (most with a one-day option) and excellent facilities to ensure you have everything you need for a great working day.
    Cons – You’ll need to pay for the privilege, and might need to plan/ book in advance to ensure you get a ‘hot desking’ space.
  5. Outside – Beach, Park, Gardens
    Pros – Brilliant for being creative and plenty of fresh air to make a nice change from the stuffy office. Most ideal if you need some time to work on strategies or other projects – especially where using good old-fashioned pen and paper will suffice.
    Cons – If you don’t have a battery pack or glare resistant screen cover, forget about taking the laptop. 
  6. Chamber of Commerce or other community business associations
    Pros – Another good opportunity to work with others so you can bounce ideas around and get a bit more social. They also generally have good connections in the local area, so can be a great business growth resource too.
    Cons – You will likely have to be a member to take advantage of any facilities available and different organisations will have varying qualities of work space and environment.
  7. Other businesses you know
    Pros – If you know other business owners who might have a spare table, seat or desk, then it’s great to get a change of scenery and little interaction. Plus – it probably won’t cost you anything!
    Cons – Think about the type of business they are and what the atmosphere is like. Their set up might not be ideal for you, depending on what you’re hoping to achieve. 

With all of these options, remember to consider privacy and security. Investing in a screen protector and remembering not to log onto confidential or secure sites over shared WiFi is important.

Also think about the environment and your health – if you can, walk!

Hopefully you found this short blog useful. If you have any questions or want to chat through any ideas, please get in touch: makeithappen@mbsmih.com  /  01903 688789. We’d love to hear from you.

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