4 Things We’ve Learnt About Creating Graphics

Whether they’re for presentations, blog posts or your social media feeds – graphics can take your content to the next level. It’s something we’ve been experimenting with a lot more recently, and along the way we’ve learnt a few things…

1. Take advantage of ready-made templates and use them as a base starting point for your graphic. We use Canva to create our graphics and would highly recommend it. Similar to other platforms, Canva comes with a selection of free ready-made graphic templates that you can customise and make your own to reflect your branding and message. Rather than feeling overwhelmed and not knowing where to start, pick a template that takes your fancy and you’re already halfway there!

2. Keep it simple and don’t over complicate your design by sticking to a minimal number of colours, font styles and shapes. It can be tempting to go overboard and get carried away when your creative juices are flowing, but keep your audience in mind throughout – you don’t want to confuse them with too much going on in the design.

3. It’s all about trial and error! Have a good play around with different ideas and styles so you can identify what is working best with the message that you are trying to communicate. Quite often your first design won’t be your best, but that’s okay! If you don’t like what you see, learn from it and start again.

4. If you’re struggling to nail down your graphic (it happens!), you need to stop and take a break so you can recharge your brain. Whether that’s switching to a different task for a while or stepping away from your desk completely for a lunch break, you’ll come back feeling more productive with fresh eyes – ready to make that design happen!

Need some help or advice when it comes to creating graphics? We’d love to help. Get in touch and make it happen.. E: makeithappen@mbsmih.com  T: 01903 688789.

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