Spruce Up Your Social Media Content For Spring

Could your social media content do with a little refresh? Well, just in time for the start of Spring we are sharing some ideas that you can try to help rejuvenate your social media presence. 

Short, Sweet (But Powerful) Video

Breathe a little bit of life into your social media content with the power of video! Short video clips in particular are perfect. Whether it’s showcasing a new product launch or an exclusive behind the scenes clip, they’re easy to shoot from most mobile devices, require minimal (if any!) editing, but pack a serious punch when it comes to audience engagement. 

What’s Trending?

Tapping into trending topics is a fun way for your business’ online presence to look fresh and up to date, often instantly engaging with your followers. Obviously, trending topics are constantly changing across all platforms, so why not dedicate one day of the week to get involved in a topical conversation of your choice? 

Create Your Very Own Series

Give your audience something to look forward to by starting your very own series! Whether it’s a weekly or monthly ‘how to’ series, or ‘reasons why’ series, by providing consistent, relevant content you’ll build up a great engaging relationship with your followers – and they’ll get to know you better!

Share External Content

Don’t feel like you always have to shout about your own content –  it can be off-putting sometimes! Share posts from others within your industry, business friends or even your own followers – this could be anything from relevant news, photos, or articles, it helps to show that you are not all ‘push’ from your own agenda.

Polls, Polls, Polls!

Social media is essentially one big conversation, so why not take advantage of that and utilise Polls to get to know your audience better? You can ask a question, encourage feedback or views – it’s a super engaging way to add something a little different to your channels!

We hope we’ve inspired you! Why not give one of the above a go and let us know how you get on?

If you’d like to chat through your social media plans, we’d love to hear from you. Call 01903 688789 or Email makeithappen@mbsmih.com.

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