Your Checklist To Creating A Terrific Twitter Bio

Twitter bios! They are often the very first thing that a potential or new follower will browse at when coming across your profile, so here’s our simple checklist on how you can create one that will stand out…

  Before you get started, bear in mind that Twitter bios are brief, only allowing 160 characters. 

 Include an engaging short description of your brand, products or services.

 Twitter bios are searchable, so be sure to include relevant keywords linked to your brand, sector or offering.

 Don’t be afraid to blow your own trumpet (but not too much!) Mention your achievements and awards – this is what makes you stand out from your competition! 

 If your brand has its own hashtag or tagline, make sure to include it in your bio so it keeps consistent with your branding, and makes your followers aware.

 If you have other active accounts on Twitter that link to your brand, do make sure you include them too. This could include your secondary  office location for example.

 With a limited number of characters allowed in your Twitter bio, express more about your brand with emojis! They are a really fun way to add a touch of personality to your bio, only counting as one character. 

 Don’t hashtag every single word in your bio, it can look spammy. Instead, hashtag the core ones – such as keywords, your services, products or any brand hashtags.

 If you have enough characters left over, pop in your contact email or telephone number for easy access to followers – this saves them having to open up your website contact page.

If you have any questions about Twitter or would like to chat, please get in touch anytime! We look forward to hearing from you:  |  01903 688789

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