Euro 2020: Teamwork Makes Dreamwork!

We all know that teamwork makes dreamwork, and that’s especially true for the England team competing in Euro 2020 at the moment. The team worked together to win a European Championship opener for the first time, ever!

This got us thinking about teamwork and how goals and dreams can be achieved when we work with others. So, in this blog we’re sharing our top teamwork tips. 

Set & Define Goals

Start off any project with clear and defined goals (and make sure all of these are communicated to your team). You can do this by creating a mission statement, setting OKRs (objectives and key results or KPIs (key performance indicators). This will help you prioritize your precious time and resources.


You’re only human, and not expected to have all the skills to do everything – this is why Collaboration is key. Work together to share different aspects of your project with your team, highlighting individual different talents, skills and strengths.  

Communicate Regularly 

Open and honest communication is vital to effective teamwork. Members of your team need to feel comfortable to express their ideas and thoughts so you can drive your project forward.

Be Supportive

Always offer help in your team and be supportive when you can, this shows you’re a team player, and who knows, you may need the same in return one day!

What are your top Teamwork tips? Let us know by tweeting us @mbsmih. We’d love to hear from you!

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