Be Your Most Productive Self At Work This Summer!

It’s July, which believe it or not… means Summer is here in the UK! We’ve had a few lovely spells of warm weather recently and more are upon us – which can mean a drop in productivity levels whilst at work. 

Here’s some of our advice to be your most productive self at work this Summer!

Do Your Most Important Work Early

Aim to tackle the most important items on your to-do list when your energy levels are high, first thing in the morning when you start work. As the day goes on, your dreams of being at the beach or in a swimming pool may make you less productive – meaning your more important tasks may be left unfinished or delayed.

Take Lunch Breaks – And Switch Them Up! 

Make sure you give yourself a lunch hour to break up your day and restore your motivation for the afternoon! Why not try having something different to look forward to each day when you take your lunch break? This can really help revitalise your mood. You could try reading a book outside on Monday’s, going for a stroll to the park on Tuesday’s… and so on! 

Work Or Take Meetings Outside

Getting outside for meetings or to work from not only provides fresh air, it also provides fresh context. So if your job role allows you to do so, make the most out of working outdoors during the summer months. A change in scenery can get your creativity juices flowing and reset your mind. If you can’t do this, at least make sure you get outside during your lunch breaks, as above.

Keep Hydrated

When you’re dehydrated, you lose a large amount of water from your body, resulting in feelings of tiredness or and light-headedness to name a few. Factor that in with the added heat during summertime, you’re not going to feel your best! Always keep a bottle of water by your side and re-fill throughout the day to ensure you’re keeping hydrated.

Enjoy your summer and remember to take time for yourself! What are your Summer productivity tips? Let us know by giving us a tweet @mbsmih.

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