Eco-Conscious Product Swaps For Your Business

Are you aware of your businesses eco-footprint? 

With a huge, growing range of sustainable products on offer out there, there’s never been a better time to review the products that you use day to day and think about what you could swap out for a greener alternative. 

Here’s some of our eco-conscious product swap ideas to get you started!


Printer ink and toner cartridges can be hugely expensive and wasteful. Many brands now offer sustainable options by creating their cartridges from recycled materials, with some even offering re-fillable options designed to last much longer. Be sure to do some research – you might be surprised with what you can find!


If you’re looking to save more energy when it comes to your computers, you can opt for a computer monitor with Energy Star Certification, which uses mercury-free, clean LED technology to keep energy use low. 


You may not currently pay much attention to the type of pens you buy for your office notes – but more and more varieties are now becoming available that have been made from recycled materials, such as plastic bottles for example. When you next need to re-stock your pen pot, do your bit and make a small swap!


With lots of us online shopping now, this has meant even more products are being picked, packed and shipped across the world every single day. By opting for recycled boxes and tapes, businesses can take one step closer to becoming more eco-conscious.

Small steps make a big difference – so making a few product swaps is a great way to start making your business greener! Let us know what Eco swaps you make in your business.

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