12 Days Of Tipmas Day 10: Look After Your People

Your Employees are the engine of your business; they are the main driving force behind the productivity and output of your company. With this in mind, it is crucial to look after your employees and keep their health, and therefore the company health, in great shape.

Employees who are happier and healthier tend to be more productive and more likely to recommend their company. Unhealthy and unengaged employees have a negative impact on the productivity, innovation, and the bottom line of your company.

Employees now expect more from their employers in terms of happiness and support than ever before. Physical and mental health are rising in importance – a study from Glassdoor showed that half of all employees prioritise physical and mental wellbeing benefits over office-based perks, and 87% of employees expect their employer to support their work/life balance.

So, what can be done to benefit Employees’ health and happiness?

  • Give your staff a sense of purpose – it’s very hard to get motivated if you feel that your work is meaningless, so providing something to work towards is important
  • Don’t force formality – breaking down the boss/worker hierarchy makes the atmosphere more relaxed and open
  • Praise your employees – be open about business performance and employee’s individual performance when they’re doing well
  • Go the extra mile – personalise gifts or experiences for employees to show you’re putting the effort in and that you care on an individual basis
  • Keep small team spirit – personal interactions and a small, close-knit team are great for making employees feel indispensable

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