10 Admin Tasks You Haven’t Thought About Outsourcing

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We all know that administration tasks are the key processes or activities it takes to run a business, and we also know that they take you away from being able to focus on what you’d really like to be doing – sourcing and attracting new customers or clients.
There’s plenty of obvious tasks I’m sure you’ve thought about outsourcing or delegating, but have you ever thought about these?
1.    Excel Database Creation
When was the last time you collated all of your business cards or contact sheets in one usable database? Put them in the right hands and an experienced administrator will be able to whip up a user friendly Excel database for you – a fantastic cost efficient tool to use for off and online marketing.
2.    Proofreading
How many hours have you spent proofreading your new web, blog, presentation or training material content, only to miss three really obvious mistakes? Outsourcing your proofreading may sound like inefficient use of your admin budget, but an independent eye will not only stay focused on the task at hand, they’ll take a fraction of the time and will be able to add a third party perspective.
3.    Report Creation
It takes a lot of time and effort to write a report or product or service description but it’s a must when it comes to effectively promoting and maintaining your business and objectives. Whilst report writing can often leave you feeling exasperated, an experienced content creator will be able to write an outstanding report or presentation for you, freeing up your time, brain and skills to focus on growing and developing your business.
4.    Copywriting
If you know what you want to say, but you’re not sure how to say it, jot down your ideas and key points to be covered and let an experienced copywriter create your perfect communication. They will be focused on the task at hand, ensure a consistent tone and most importantly strategically place keywords throughout your content which is extremely helpful if your message is going to be shared online.
5.    Data inputting
Most businesses need to do some form of data entry, from adhoc completion of forms through to consistent daily updates. Outsourcing your data entry tasks will ensure your staff can focus on the more important strategic elements of keeping your business running and growing.
6.    Database cleansing
Keeping your databases and CRM systems up to date is vital to the successful running of your business. All businesses process data every day and managing these processes can have a significant impact on costs, not to mention taking your staff away from their key roles. Outsourcing your ongoing data management will allow you to focus on your core business functions, is likely to take considerably less time and will improve productivity.
7.    Preparing presentations
Preparing presentations can be time consuming and frustrating for a business owner, especially if you’re not familiar with Powerpoint or similar slide presentation software. Stop wasting precious time muddling through and get an experienced ally to do it for you. Not only will they save you time but you’re likely to end up with a better quality presentation that you can also use for future reference material.
8.    Legal form completion
Once a legal form or document is created the ongoing information required to be input is often simple and requires minimal expertise. It does however require a high level of accuracy and time sensitivity. Save yourself time, effort and money by outsourcing to a person or team who understand the key aspects of legal form completion and focus more time on what really matters – your clients.
9.    Compiling meeting minutes
We’ve all been here. You have a really productive meeting, make notes of all the important topics discussed and actions agreed, then you leave the meeting room and go back to your endless to do list. The next meeting is booked for 2 weeks’, plenty of time to get the minutes compiled and out to attendees… Except you don’t find time, and it becomes a rush the night before the next meeting (if at all), leaving you and your attendees frustrated with no time to complete the actions. Take the stress away and delegate this simple, yet time consuming, task.
10.    Server and online filing
Get organised, save time and make yours’ and your team’s lives easier. As with historical paper filing cabinets and folders, online filing systems can get pretty messy too. It’s a task that would ultimately save you time locating and saving information, but not one you can justify taking several hours out of your day for. Giving the task to a knowledgeable and proficient team will ensure it gets done – and with no distractions, often in a fraction of the time.

We can help you with all of these tasks and many more. If you can think of it, we’ve likely done it! Get in touch to discuss what we can do for you today.

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