Passing The Baton – 45 Tasks You Could Outsource

When you pass tasks that you are finding time consuming on to your virtual assistant, it leaves time and space for your company to grow. Your focus can return to what you do best – running your business. You may not have been aware of the incredible number of tasks that you could outsource, so here are just some of them that we offer to give you an idea…

VOICEMAIL CHECKING – Does your phone get full of voicemails? We can keep you up to date.

APPOINTMENT MAKING – Conducting calls to existing and prospective clients to make appointments.

DIARY MANAGEMENT – Keeping you and your diary up to date.

EMAIL MANAGEMENT – Sorting, cleansing and replying on your behalf.

DATA INPUTTING – We can help you keep your business records up to date and accurate.

SERVER AND ONLINE FILING – It’s easy for your server and online files to get out of hand. We can make sure that they stay clear and consistent throughout.

PREPARE TRAINING MATERIALS – Running training events or meetings can be time consuming with the amount you have to prepare. Whether that’s PowerPoint presentations or questionnaires, we can help.

COMPILING MEETING MINUTES – Attending meetings can take huge chunks of time out of your day, so the last thing you want to be doing is compiling meeting minutes, which can take up even more of your time. We can compile meeting minutes for you.

LEGAL FORM COMPLETION – We can take the process of completing necessary legal forms away from you by taking care of this remotely. One less thing for you to worry about.

FORM CREATION – Forms can be useful tools to gather information. We can help create these for you.

PREPARING PRESENTATIONS – Preparing an engaging, well laid out presentation can take time. Our malicious attention to detail and keen eye for design can take care of this for you.

DATABASE CLEANSING – Keep your database free of irrelevant documents with our database cleansing service.

EXCEL DATABASE CREATION – We love a good spreadsheet! If you need one created, look no further than MOMENTUM.

REPORT CREATION – Need daily, weekly or monthly reports but don’t have the time in your day to create them? Pass the task on to us.

 DOCUMENT CREATION – Need a specific type of document created, but not sure how to do it, or simply don’t have the time? Let us help you out.

ONLINE RESEARCH – Collecting data via the internet.

CUSTOMER RESEARCH – Gathering information about your customers’ needs and preferences.

KEYWORD RESEARCH – Research into keywords that people enter into search engines relating to your business.

COMPETITOR ANALYSIS – An assessment of the strengths and weaknesses of current and potential competitors. 

TWITTER SOCIAL MEDIA MANAGEMENT – We are experts in the ‘twittersphere’. We’ll help you stay connected sharing relevant, frequent and direct messages to your followers. We help clients in a number of industries reach their target market in 280 characters or less!

FACEBOOK SOCIAL MEDIA MANAGEMENT – Our skilful social media gurus can help you gain organic page likes on this popular social networking site, making sure details of your offerings and expertise reach prospects and existing customers.

LINKEDIN SOCIAL MEDIA MANAGEMENT – We can help you reach even more businesses and contacts. Let us start building your business presence on LinkedIn by creating your Company Page, attracting followers, and posting regular updates to drive engagement.

PINTEREST SOCIAL MEDIA MANAGEMENT – Pinterest is a great social network for sharing details of your images and videos – including links, making this the perfect platform for us to promote and visualise your products and services.

BLOG CREATION – Helping you to get regular messages and insightful content to your online audiences.

PROOF READING – We can read over everything you’ve written, checking for errors and ensuring your grammar and tone are consistent.

COPYWRITING – If you’re creating or updating a website, we can help by creating bespoke keyword focussed copy.

EMAIL CAMPAIGNS – Targeted messaging, monthly updates, one off communication and much more.

SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMISATION – We can help you to achieve high ranking search results.

CONTACT DATA – Turning your business cards and other contacts lists into functional databases.

NEWSLETTERS – Regular digital communications providing key updates and marketing opportunities.

BUSINESS LISTINGS – Getting your business noticed and supporting your SEO strategy.

CREDIT CONTROL – Building relationships with your customers to improve your cashflow.

REDUNDANCY AND TUPE – We can provide specialist employer advice on making employees redundant, dealing with business transfers, or changes to service provisions within your business.

DISCIPLINARY AND GRIEVANCE – We can support you with developing a disciplinary or grievance procedure, or to provide advice and support when managing an employee disciplinary or grievance case.

CHANGE MANAGEMENT – We can support you throughout your organisational changes to allow you to focus on your day to day business.

PERFORMANCE MANAGEMENT – We can provide you with specialist advice or training on managing performance, and we can support you with developing an effective performance appraisal system.

RECRUITMENT AND SELECTION – We can help you with writing job specifications, job descriptions, recruitment selection frameworks and support you through the selection procedure. We can provide job offer paperwork and contracts of employment, and even support you on your induction procedure.

CONTRACTS AND EMPLOYEE HANDBOOKS – We can review your existing contracts, policies and procedures to ensure they are up to date with current legislation requirements. We can also tailor our templated frameworks and policies to suit and protect your business.

HEALTH AND SAFETY POLICIES – We can review your existing policies and procedure to ensure they are up to date with current legislation. We can also tailor our templated frameworks and policies to suit and protect your business.

INVOICE CREATION – Creating and generating your invoices for your customers and clients.

SENDING INVOICES – Ensuring your invoices are sent regularly and on time.

CASHFLOW FORECASTING – Ongoing predictions based on historical data.

 PROJECT MANAGEMENT – Planning, organising, staffing, leading or directing and controlling your project.

 PROJECT SUPPORT – Assisting with any aspect of your projects, and supporting managers.

 EVENT MANAGEMENT – Contacting and liaising with suppliers, gathering information needed for the events and finding the best prices. Planning, organising and managing your events – what, when, where, how, who. Researching venues and suppliers, finding the best venues and suppliers to fit with your event and budget.

We pride ourselves on adding value to every single task that we undertake. Whether you need your admin organised and taken off your hands, a virtual PA to keep you and your business on track or more substantial support with your HR, projects or events, we are here to make sure you can make it happen..

E:  /  T: 01903 688789.

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