Attention Small Businesses: Social Media – What’s #Trending in 2021

With a brand-new year comes a whole host of social media trends. As a small business, of course you want to keep on top of these trends, but it can be confusing knowing where to start and how to identify the best ones for your business. So in this blog, we’ve highlighted some of the top 2021 social media trends we’ve come across that we think your small business should tap into, to help boost your brand and stand out from your competition. 

Video Content Is King

It’s well known that video content can be so much more engaging than written content, so that along with social media platforms constantly evolving their video offerings, without a doubt we expect to see more video content shared across social media channels this year.

There are several ways you can bolster your social media presence with video (none involving you being a professional videographer either!) We highly recommend Adobe Spark – it’s free, simple to use and perfect for creating videos to share such as…

  • New Product or Service Introduction
  • Converting Your Written Blogs Into Vlogs
  • How-To Videos
  • Testimonials From Your Customers

Social Media – The New Way Of Shopping?

Ecommerce is rocketing, now more so than ever with no signs of slowing, especially now on social media, with the introduction of Facebook Shops. 

With Facebook Shops, you can display and sell items on your Facebook and Instagram profiles. Easy and convenient, these options allow customers to purchase a product seen in a post without even having to leave the app. If your small business doesn’t currently have an ecommerce website, this is a great way to start and get your products noticed and who knows – it may even become the preferred way of shopping your most loved brands!

Keep Connected By Livestreaming

In the current pandemic, with all of us being told to stay at home as much as possible, many businesses are turning to Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube to livestream content to keep followers updated and engaged virtually, sharing what they would have usually at an in-person event.

Like last year, this is very much likely to stick throughout 2021 too. Why not give livestreaming a go and focus your session on something like…

  • A Networking Session
  • Live Q&A
  • Product In Action Tutorial
  • Or Even Just A Weekly Check In!

Share Your Stories

Social Media Stories are a popular way to interact with your audience in real time, allowing you to get to know and understand them better. 

Stories where originally introduced by Snapchat, but since then, Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube and most recently, Twitter have jumped on board, so it doesn’t look like they will be going anywhere anytime soon! If you haven’t already, why not get involved with Stories? As well as promoting your written posts, they are great for asking your audience…

  • Opinions
  • Questions
  • Feedback

What social media trends will you be trying out this year? Tweet us @mbsmih!

If you would like to chat through your social media plans or would like some help getting started with these trends, get in touch and make it happen. Give us a call on 01903 688789 or email us at

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