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5 Reasons Why You Should Be Using Business Directories

By MOMENTUM Business Support | Oct 24, 2018

Want to listen instead? Click Here It’s not enough to set up a business and hope the right clients or customers will find you. You know it takes work and a whole lot of promoting! Which is why you’ve probably beenRead more

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7 Steps To Hosting An Unforgettable Business Event

By MOMENTUM Business Support | Sep 4, 2018

Want to listen instead? Click Here You may have been thinking about holding an event for your business for some time, and wondering whether you can pull it off or if it would be worth the effort. Events are fantastic forRead more

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How Can I Market My Small Business?

By MOMENTUM Business Support | Jul 16, 2018

Want to listen instead? Click Here Create Meaningful and Engaging Content The foundation for everything is creating your own meaningful and engaging content that you’ll be able to share in multiple ways and places. Answer a question, talk about the latestRead more

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Following & Followers – Twitter for Beginners Part 2

By MOMENTUM Business Support | Jul 9, 2018

CHECK OUT PART 1 HERE: So, your Twitter account is officially up and running. Now, you need to start following some accounts and gaining some followers of your own. First of all, let’s take an overview of the difference betweenRead more

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Writing The Perfect Email Subject Line For Your Campaign

By MOMENTUM Business Support | Jun 1, 2018

Want to listen instead? Click Here When it comes to your email subject line, it’s often one of the last steps you think about when creating your email marketing campaign, but it’s so important and shouldn’t be an afterthought. Your emailRead more

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5 Reasons Why You Should Outsource Your Social Media

By MOMENTUM Business Support | May 16, 2018

Want to listen instead? Click Here Most business owners see a benefit in having an active social media strategy. However, implementing one is easier said than done. Learning the platforms (and keeping up with the constant changes and trends), and managingRead more

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