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A mountain climber standing on top of a mountain peak celebrating with their hands up while overlooking a valley view

Make Your Goals Happen

By MOMENTUM Business Support | Jan 17, 2018

Having goals is such an important factor to maintaining direction and purpose. Here we share some of our top tips on making your goals happen! Outline your Goals The first step to making your goals happen is to outline what it is that you want to achieve. Your goal can be a big or small […] Read More

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How to prepare for GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation)

By MOMENTUM Business Support | Nov 27, 2017

What is GDPR? The way in which businesses process data is changing. The General Data Protection Regulation is being introduced to replace the current 1998 Data Protection Act. GDPR will govern how businesses use, handle and protect personal data. From 25th May 2018, businesses will be required to keep a record of all of the […] Read More

The words stress written with a read pencil breaking on impact

Don’t Get Seasonally Stressed!

By MOMENTUM Business Support | Nov 9, 2017

Don’t Get Seasonally Stressed! On the lead up to the festive period it can be easy to become overwhelmed with your workload and not know where to start. Here are some of our top tips on how to combat the seasonal stresses! 1. Plan Ahead Look at your current workload and get prioritizing with a good […] Read More

A hand pointing at a three way review system containing three differently coloured icon options, neutral positive and negative

7 Steps to Customer Satisfaction

By MOMENTUM Business Support | Sep 5, 2017

7 Steps to Customer Satisfaction Customers are the heart of any business. Whether selling a product or providing a service… Without them, there would be no business. Therefore it is important to look after them and keep them happy. See some of our top tips on building relationships and maintaining client satisfaction. Interact Talk to […] Read More

A written to do list on a notepad with a pen placed on top

My secret to being the ‘most organised person you know’

By MOMENTUM Business Support | Mar 23, 2017

Everyone always tells me I’m the most organised person they know. I get a lot of ‘it’s ok for you, you’re organised’ and ‘it’s easy for you, you remember everything’ or ‘you do it, you’ll remember’. The truth is, I don’t. I used to think I had a great memory and was super organised, but […]

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A large stack of various business cards covering the entire surface

What Do You Do With All Your Business Cards?

By MOMENTUM Business Support | Mar 9, 2017

You go to all these events; networking, business shows, exhibitions… But what do you do with all the business cards you collect? Collecting business cards can be great, as long as you do something with them! So here’s a few quick and simple ideas to help you make the most of all those business cards: […] Read More

A person skiing on top of a snow covered mountain

Complete What You’ve Started and Get Over The Finish Line

By MOMENTUM Business Support | Feb 8, 2017

Want to listen instead? Click Here Have you ever started a task or project you just cannot seem to find the enthusiasm to finish? Or it just feels too complicated and you can’t see a way forward? Sometimes we can get so clouded by our own thoughts, we don’t see the simplest of solutions right […] Read More

A Momentum selection of Gift Certificates

Who Says You Can’t Buy Time?

By MOMENTUM Business Support | Jan 31, 2017

Want to listen instead? Click here Whoever said you can’t buy time didn’t have a friend, family member or loved one who cared enough to make it happen.. OK, so perhaps that’s not an entirely fair statement, but, I do have a solution to help you get that much-needed time back for the ‘always busy’, […] Read More

A woman typing on a laptop placed on her knee while writting in a notepad

Why You Need A Business Blog

By MOMENTUM Business Support | Jan 19, 2017

There are so many reasons why you should have a business blog (and each of those reasons can be widely elaborated on!) but we wanted to keep it short and simple. Here’s a few of the top reasons why you need a business blog, if you’d like more information about any or all of the […] Read More

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