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HR – Are your staff entitled to BACKPAY?

By MOMENTUM Business Support | Jan 12, 2016

Based on a real case we are currently managing. Names, business details and terms have all been changed for privacy. July 2015 Summer owns a Beauty Salon and employs 8 employees, all of whom are paid a basic hourly rate plus commission (based upon an individual’s sales). Summer is happy as they are good workers […] Read More

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Credit Control Is More Than Just Calling When An Invoice Is Overdue

By MOMENTUM Business Support | Jan 12, 2016

All businesses suffer with cash flow problems from time to time, but it’s often the smaller ones that are hit the hardest. They don’t have the expertise for effective Credit Control and don’t want to have to budget or make space for additional staff to do this either. There is a common misconception that Credit […]

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Why Use Social Media For Business

By MOMENTUM Business Support | Jan 12, 2016

Want to listen instead? Click here We’re often asked, ‘what’s the point in using Social Media for my business?’ So we thought we’d share with you our top reasons for why you’re missing out if you’re not using it. As a business owner we know one of the top things you’re up against is getting […] Read More

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