What Do I Include In A Tweet? – Twitter For Beginners Part 3

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Now your Twitter account is looking great and you’re starting to gain some followers, it’s time to start thinking about what you’re going to tweet! As social media management experts, we’ve pulled together some simple pieces of advice that you need to know as a Twitter newbie. 

Keep It Short and Sweet 

Top tip: A short, concise tweet makes the most amount of impact.  

Knowing what to Tweet for the first time can be overwhelming, but it needn’t be. Here’s just a few of our ideas to get you started: 

  • Your Services / Products – What do you offer? Showcase your services and products to the world of Twitter. Be careful not to over-sell though, as it can be a real turn off for your followers. 
  • Your Own Useful Content – Tweet about any blogs, vlogs, podcasts or newsletters that you have produced. Useful content like this is greatly appreciated by other SMEs. 
  • Ask Questions – Why not run a poll to get to know your followers? This can be easily created in seconds within Twitter itself and can generate beneficial results. 
  • Industry News – What’s trending in your industry? Sharing latest trending news will keep your followers up to date and may generate an interesting conversation. 
  • Employee Recognition / Testimonials – Sharing a success story from one of your employees is always warmly welcomed and promotes a good image for your brand. 
  • Tap Into The Trends – How about an inspiring #MondayMotivation quote to start off the week? Keep an eye on the latest trends within Twitter – be sure to get involved and link them in them where you can, especially during calendar events such as #ChristmasDay, #EasterSunday, #GoodFriday, etc. 

It’s important to note that on Twitter you have a character limit of 280. Because of this, you need to make sure that you keep each of your tweets focused on one particular subject, rather than trying to talk about multiple subjects in one tweet, as this can become confusing for your followers. If you need to expand on the message you are trying to communicate, you can always expand by including links. 

Add Visuals 

Top tip: Using images, videos and GIFs doesn’t take up any of your 280 character allowance. 

As well as your written message, it’s great to include visuals to your tweet. Using visuals such as images, videos and GIFs in your Tweets adds a ‘human touch’ and has been proven to lead to you creating higher engagement rates to your tweets. For example, you could share: 

  • Testimonial Videos From Your Clients – An interactive way of sharing your testimonials. Just make sure the video is 30 seconds or less.  
  • Photos Of Your Staff Working Hard On Your Latest Project – As well as celebrating your hard-working staff, this again adds a real ‘human touch’ to your brand’s Twitter presence.  
  • Relevant GIF Linking To Your Message – this displays a lovely touch of personality to your brand and also is likely to make your followers stop and look rather than scroll straight past! 

Use Hashtags 

Top tip: Don’t go overboard using hashtags. (E.g. #Check #out #our #latest #blog.) Instead, add hashtags on the words that you think will generate most traffic (E.g. Check out our latest #blog) – people may search the term #blog to read up on some insightful topics. 

You may have heard of hashtags before – they are a real powerful tool in the world of social media, especially Twitter. Hashtags can allow you to dramatically expand your reach, potentially reaching thousands across the globe. As well as this, you can also search hashtags to get involved in relevant conversations.  

As well as including hashtags within your message, it’s also a good idea to add them in at the bottom of your tweet to try and push your tweet engagement levels further.  

For example, why not try something like this? 

Check out our latest #blog on how to make the most out of #Twitter for your #Business. 

#Advice #TopTips #SmallBusiness #SMEs 

Keep an eye out for our next instalment of Twitter for Beginners. Let us know how you get on by tweeting us @mbsmih. 

If you’d like any help, support or advice with getting started on Twitter, we’d be happy to chat through this with you. Email makeithappen@mbsmih.com or call us 01903 688789. 

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